Customise subtitle font

Customise subtitle font for videos and generate automatic captions instantly with Auris AI!

Customising subtitle font on Auris AI

How to customise subtitle font on Auris AI

Step 1

To customise the subtitle font of your video, select the “A” icon
labelled “Font Option” from the blue panel on the left.

Customise subtitle font on Auris AI

Step 2

Select your preferred styles.

Customise subtitle font on Auris AI


Your subtitles should be easily read and understood by viewers of the native language.

Customise subtitle font on Auris AI

Benefits of customising subtitles

1. Increase engagement rate

Depending on your video, select a font type that will appeal to your audience. As a beauty vlogger, choosing pastel, fancy fonts may enhance the aesthetic of your video. If you are a gamer, using short, bold and flashy fonts may keep your fans’ attention even during a long livestream session.


2. Make content more accessible

Make your videos more accessible to audiences who may be hard-of-hearing or visually impaired with easy-to-read and easy-to-follow subtitles. You may also use Auris AI to customise subtitle fonts for free online.

Make your content more accessible with Auris AI

3. Enhance user experience

Nowadays, viewers are consuming content everywhere, at any time. It is common for viewers to listen to or watch content in noisy environments or in public, where audio must be muted. This is where customised subtitles come in to facilitate a better user experience. For example, increasing the size of your subtitles will aid in easy viewing on public transport or when viewers are using their mobile devices.


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