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Export captions or your videos instantly with Auris AI!

Export captions on Auris AI

How to export captions on Auris AI

Step 1

Select “Export” at the top right-hand corner of the page.

Export as captions on Auris AI

Step 2

Check the bubble beside “Export as Caption (.srt)”.

Then, choose your desired language from the dropdown list.

Export as captions on Auris AI

Step 3

Click “Export”.

Export video as captions on Auris AI Step 3

Benefits of exporting captions

1. Ease of uploading and reference

Auris AI allows you to export captions in .srt or .txt format. With .srt, you can upload videos to Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or YouTube directly. With .txt, you can get a video transcript for easy reference and documentation purposes, especially if you are creating another video of similar content.

Easy to upload on Auris AI

2. Edit and reuse lines for your next video

Download video captions and edit them straight away if you are not creating a standalone video. You don’t have to start writing the script for your next video from scratch.


Edit and reuse lines for next video on Auris AI

3. Proofread with ease

If you need someone to proofread your translated captions, you can do so in one click. You may even re-upload your captions onto Auris AI.

Proofread with ease using Auris AI export captions function on Auris AI

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