Export video to YouTube

Export video to YouTube and add captions to videos instantly with Auris AI!

Exporting video to YouTube on Auris AI

How to export video to YouTube on Auris AI

Step 1

Select “export” at the top right-hand corner of the page.

export video to YouTube on Auris AI

Step 2

You will be prompted to sign in with a Google Account.

Choose your account or a brand account.

Export video to YouTube on Auris AI Step 2

Step 3

Auris will want to access your Google Account.

Click “Allow”.

Export video to YouTube Step 3

Step 4

Your video will appear under the “Content” page of your YouTube account.

Export video to YouTube Step 4

Benefits of exporting video to YouTube

1. Save time and cut down on opportunity cost

Auris AI helps to streamline the video editing process by allowing you to add subtitles to videos, customise subtitles, edit transcripts and export directly to YouTube or a platform of your choice. With this all-in-one transcription tool, reduce the hassle of editing and re-uploading videos on various platforms.

Save time and cost when you use Auris AI

2. Guaranteed platform compatibility

Auris AI is compatible with YouTube, so you can export video to YouTube directly without having to re-size or download and save your video again in a different format.

Export directly to YouTube with Auris AI

3. Enjoy an immediate video playback and upload

Rewatch your video via YouTube Creator Studio instantly and make quick last-minute edits if you find any errors. Otherwise, upload your video onto YouTube in seconds.

Immediate playback on Auris AI

Auris AI is a highly accurate video subtitle generator and audio to text converter.

Try it now!

Add subtitles to videos and transcribe audio

Get highly accurate transcripts in different Asian languages.

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