How to Hire the Right Translator

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How to hire the right translator

The greatest challenge in translation is not knowing how to get a knowledgeable translator. A number of content creators pick random multilingual people who do not understand the nature and jargon of their business, which often result in translations that are not effective.

We know that the internet has enabled business owners to showcase their products to billions of people from all over the world. But we also can agree that most of these customers do not speak a common language. Some speak French, some English, others Chinese, or even Swahili.

This, then, makes it necessary to hire a professional to translate the content to the audience in a language that they are well conversant with.

By the time you finish reading this guide, you would have known who a translator is, what they do, the various types that exist, and how to find the right one.

What is Translation?

Translation is the act of converting words/texts from the original language to a different language. However, it is not just about changing the text word-for-word but with an intention of making it comprehensible in the new language.

There are two forms of translation; machine and human-aided. Machines rely on natural language processing to translate a document from one language to the other. Examples include Google Translate and Auris AI’s very own software that allows you to translate your video and audio files for free.

Human translation, on the other hand, involves using multilingual professionals to read, digest, and interpret the language of the original document. Though time-consuming, this latter type of translation is the most efficient due to the high level of accuracy achieved.

Types of Professional Translators

There are four common types of translators

Legal translator

Anything to do with the law and human rights falls under this type of translation. Ideally, most businesses prefer practicing lawyers for this type of work. The translator must be well conversant with the laws of the target audience. Buyers and sellers are aware of copyright infringement etc.

Literary translator

If you need someone to translate your poems, songs, and any other type of literature, you’d need a literary translator.
It is one of the most technical categories because literature revolves around a lot of styles. Rhythms, tone, metaphors, etc. The translator must be creative enough to maintain the content and stylistic devices used in the docs.

Financial translator

We have been able to save money in overseas banks and invest in platforms such as forex trades and insurance policies thanks to financial translators. These translators convert policies and business laws of an organization into other languages to help the company attract a wider range of non-native investors.

Technical Translator

A technical translator can as well work in the previously mentioned three categories. They are known for translating drawings, interpreting tender documents, newsletters, etc.

The key to being a technical translator is being conversant with the evolving trends of the industry and the industry’s jargon.
Technical translators work in a variety of niches including; medicine, engineering, etc.

What Makes a Good Translator?

At this point, we both know that the goal of translation is to maintain the effectiveness of the content in the translated language. Whatever the translator does, he/she must have this goal in mind.

Here is a list of attributes that are necessary for a good translator.

Attention to detail.

While a comma or a full stop may not make sense to some of us, they are capable of changing the subject of a sentence. E.g “Let’s eat dad” has a different meaning from “Let’s eat, dad.”
An effective translator must take note of these so as not to give a sentence a completely different understanding from the original.

Good at research

One of the key questions commonly asked by business people to translators is whether they are able to conduct competitor/market research. It means that the goal of the business owner is not just about reaching a wider audience but giving them a better experience in his/her niche as compared to the competitors.

Knowledge of the audience’s culture

Translating content to a non-native audience without considering its applicability to them is a wasted effort.
For example; marketing abortion services to countries such as Palestine and Jamaica that prohibit such acts means that you have not taken time to understand the culture or its beliefs.

Excellent Grammar

You are not just looking for a multilingual/bilingual translator, but one who is able to translate sentences smoothly without typos and silly grammar mistakes. The reader must not be distracted by other things such as poorly constructed sentences; drawing their attention from the message.

Up to date with trends

When you think of the word trendy, ideas such as fashion and slang come into mind. These are evolving things. When a fashion hires a translator who uses outdated slang to recommend fashionable pieces to Gen-Z, the result is missed target audience. The audience ends up scrolling past the content because they think the pieces would best suit an older generation.

Time Management

Every assignment has a deadline. Hiring an inefficient translator who never meets deadlines leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Let‘s say you have a vlog that is scheduled to go up on Thursday and you need an accurate translation of the content with a turnaround time of 4 days. If your translator does not work around the deadline, it will cause a lot of inconveniences and eventually low audience conversation.

Where Can I Find a Good Translator?

Sourcing for a translator with all the above-mentioned qualifications can be daunting. That is why Auris AI is here to help you translate your content into a variety of languages for free with our AI software. However, if you’re looking for human professionals to work on your translation projects to achieve 100% accuracy, Auris AI is also offers this end-to-end service. Business organisation get a free trial on their first project. We work with language professionals to translate and localise your content. Reach out to us to get your free trial!