High quality localisation solutions in 100+ languages

Transcriptions, subtitles and translations for any language pair in half the time, for as low as $7 per minute.


What we do

We combine AI with human language professionals to provide transcription, translation and video subtitling services. Reduce your cost, achieve native-level quality, in a shorter turnaround time.

Translate and add subtitles in any major language pair from as low as $7 per minute.


How we work

We transcribe automatically
to reduce cost

Utilising our AI software to convert audio to text, we first transcribe automatically, dramatically reducing the time taken to create the first draft.


Network of 3,000
native freelancers

After the initial draft, we will activate our native translators to ensure a 99.9% accuracy.

Our translators have passed our qualification tests to ensure your translation is as accurate and natural as possible.

Internal QC Check

All translations will go through a final quality check by a human being to ensure the quality are of the highest quality.


Problems we solve

Trancription, translation and subtitling companies that are too expensive

Automatic captioning softwares that are inaccurate

Creating subtitles on your own is time consuming and tedious

Our customers and solutions


Companies and organisations that regularly creates subtitles for internal and external video assets

Translation companies who outsource their work to us for better cost and turnaround time

Content creators who need caption and foreign subtitles to reach a wider audience.

Educators and faculties that add captions to their educational materials to help students learn better

What our customers say

We have a wide range of customers including government agencies, public organizations, listed companies in trading, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, apparel, food & beverage, start-ups, and individuals.
We have been working with Auris for several years now, and we can rely on them to localise not only our videos, but also our presentation materials, in terms of delivery time and quality.
In order to realise our mission “to create a world where everyone can enjoy business through the power of economic information”, we provide information on the latest industry trends and companies in Southeast Asia to support your decision-making from an information perspective. In order to deliver information to as many people as possible, we use Auris’ easy and speedy translation service.

Our Pricing

We aim to be the most affordable option for you.
Our hybrid and human powered services is what enables us.
Translated subtitle
1-min rate
Company A

+1 foreign language

Company B

+3 foreign language

Auris AI


+ any other 18 foreign language

Save up to 50% for simultaneous
translation services in multiple languages!

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More about Auris AI

AI Startup
from Singapore

We focus on AI and NLP for our ASR, starting from English and Asian languages.

We will dive into speech synthesis in our next phase of development.

High number of users from across many countries

We have seen tremendous growth since our auto transcription and subtitle tool. We have 100,000 active users from over 20 countries in less than a year. Of which, 3,000 forms our talent pool.

Funded by investors globally

We have raised millions of dollars to grow the company.