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Why Auris AI is the best online transcription tool for free

There are lots of transcription tools available online for free. But which one should you use? Whether you are a content creator, marketing professional, or freelancer doing transcription work as a side hustle, you will need one that is reliable, accurate, fast, and easy to use. Here is why Auris AI is the best online transcription tool available FOR FREE.

1. Accurate automatic subtitles

Auris AI generates subtitles instantly

Online machine transcription accuracy can be low, leading to inaccurate subtitles. However, Auris AI provides accurate automatic subtitles. We feed it local audio data so that it can understand the idiosyncrasies in speech, including slangs.

This allows us to support the most used Asian languages, so that users can translate from English to Hindi, Tagalog and Bahasa Indonesia.

2. Supports both audio and video files

While Auris AI generates automatic subtitles for videos, it can also transcribe audio. Whether you want transcripts, subtitles or closed captions, we can provide them for your videos and audio. Upload in different formats, from .wav to .mp4.

3. Add dual subtitles to videos

If you are in a multilingual environment, your viewers may benefit from dual language subtitles in videos. Auris AI allows you to add multiple subtitles to videos so that you can reach more people.

4. Translates up to three other languages in the same project file

Auris AI is the best transcription tool which gives you translations in different languages

We help you save a lot of your precious time. You don’t have to duplicate files in other windows or reupload them. Just open another tab in the same project file and select your desired language(s). Translate videos and audio into different languages instantly!

5. Synchronise audio to subtitles in one click

Say goodbye to poorly synced audio and subtitles. Ensure that your subtitles’ start time and end time align with the audio so that viewers can understand your content well. Use our waveform editor to drag a specific word to the correctly timed position in one click!

6. Download and export in different formats

Auris AI is the best transcription tool because it gives you accurate video subtitles

Auris AI is one of the best platforms for easy exporting or download! After editing, download your file onto your device or export it directly without losing quality or having to compress it.

Select the language, format and resolution you would like to download it in. You may also export captions as .srt, export videos to YouTube or upload to Adobe Premier Pro for further editing.

7. Comprehensive, round-the-clock support system

Auris AI is the best transcription tool because of our round-the-clock support

We have created video tutorials, written a help centre and provided our email address in case you need support. We also have a blog so that you can continue to advance in your career.
If there are any topics you are interested in, email us at!

8. Trusted by clients and partners worldwide

Auris AI is the best transcription tool because it is trusted by partners and clients worldwide

Auris AI is in use by companies and individuals in many industries:
Media: International YouTubers, advertising agencies, digital media companies
Education: Teachers, students
Finance: Banks, brokerage firms
Pharmaceutical: Research institutions

9. Affordable plans for your transcription needs

We offer the most affordable subscription plans on the market. Visit our store on Shopify here!